Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Had to Share

The boys were outside playing yesterday - thank the Lord that it is finally warming up.  Having 4 boys in the house all winter long is just way too much energy!  They love being outside and the snow is melting.  Its cold here again today but the sun was shining yesterday so out we went.  I know I haven't posted pics for a long time so I apologize to those of you who visit the blog just for that reason and for those of you who don't care to see the pics please bear with me as I share a few pics of my sweeties!!
This is Benjamin (notice the 1 red and 1 blue mitt - they match his red and blue rubber boots - LOL)

This one is Eli - he is so sweet - he often smiles really hard for pics so its hard to get a good one of him - I'm framing this one!!

Even Daisy was enjoying the warm sunshine (even the dog has a dirty face - she licked out one of the alphaghetti bowls from lunch - LOL)

Jacob was off making snow blocks with a dump truck so I didn't get a good pic of him and Isaiah (who will be 16 on Wednesday- wow, I can't belive how that time has flown) was in the city with a friend who is visiting from out of town!  They did guy stuff and shopped - ya gotta love a boy who likes to shop!!
Thanks for stopping by - hope these pictures made you smile!

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