Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!!

Andy and I arrived home last evening!  We had a completely FANTABULOUS time!  It was so exciting to see that great big ship!  I don't think you could have wiped the smile off my face for the entire first 24 hours we were on board!
You know the ship is big but when you are actually standing beside it - it is surreal!

Here is the Statue of Liberty as we were leaving New York Harbor:

There is so much to do on the ship - you really have to concentrate on not doing things to get in some R&R time!
Bermuda was very beautiful!  We were able to see the glassblowing demonstration as well as the perfumery.

This was so pretty inside!  Everything was pink!  How could I not love it!  We had a tour and learned how they make perfume. Everything is still done by hand.  The perfume is bottled by hand and the packaging is so pretty! Outside they have all kinds of beautiful flowers but the one that intriqued me the most was the passion flower.  This flower is a medium size white bud that grows on a vine type plant. It wound all along the fence of the the perimeter of the building.  Apparently, these flowers open first thing in the morning at sunrise and close again by noon.  The really neat thing is that if you pick them while they are open, they stay open.  Here is a pic of how beautiful they are when they are open:

My husband totally spoiled me and I left the perfumery with a beautiful bottle of their Passion Flowers perfume!
All of the houses on the island are painted really bright colors:

We didn't get very nice weather but we did have one beautiful day on the beach.  It was so hot that I got a really severe sunburn but it was worth it - LOL!  Andy had so much fun snorkelling and seeing all of the fish on the coral reef that was only 10 feet out from the shore.  The sand is so soft it is like powder and the water is this beautiful turquoise color and warmer than the air temperature!

Every night on the ship the stateroom attendants turn down your bed, put a chocolate mint on your pillow and roll your towels into the shapes of animals.  We got swans and monkeys, just to name a couple.

The second last night we came into the room there was a single swan on the bed with a jewelry box under its beak.  Inside was this beautiful bracelet.

We had an amazing time together.  It was a much needed break away for just the two of us!  We are so thankful for this trip and the memories we have from it!!

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