Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Note Book Paper Tutorial

This is such an easy little technique but really adds to a card.  So here we go!
Step 1:  Cut your card stock to what ever size you want it to be.

Step 2:  Using your Stampin Up paper peircing template and a 1/8" hole punch.  Line up the template so that the 1/8" holes are along the edge of your c/s.


Step 3:  Line your 1/8" punch up with the holes in the template and punch a straight line all the way across the edge of your paper.

Step 4:  Using you paper snips.  Snip a cut in the center of each of the holes.

Step 5:  Bend the punched edge up to separate the pieces between the holes.

Step 6:  Mount to your main card, embellish as desired and finish card!  TaaDa!

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