Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo Corner Tutorial

Okay, so I was stocking on SCS and whenever I see a card I like and there is a blog link I like to check it out.  Well, today, I came across the neatest thing on Ramblings of a Sassy Stamper.
Here they are, the easiest way ever to make photo corners:
Step 1:
Take a large square punch (whatever size you would like) and punch a square out of your card stock or paper.

Step 2:
Next, center the square you have punched out in your 1/4" square punch.  This is kind of tricky but I found it easier to do it this way, rather than punch out the little square first.

Step 3:
When you have a "square donut" - LOL take your paper snips and cut across the donut diagonally.

Step 4:
Presto - 2 photo corners. Now mount on your card!

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