Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poppies and Tulips and Roses, oh my...

I wanted to post some pics of my rose bushes since I weeded them and cleaned them out.  Look at the new little babies that are springing up:
Roses Roses2

I'm so excited to see all of this new life springing up in my yard!  Even Isaiah's friend's (who are teenage boys) have commented how nice my yard looks.  Just makes me smile.  I'm hoping to get my white picket fence this year and a little arbor over the entrance to the yard that the hydrageas will flank (pretty hey?!)
I did spend a bit of time out yesterday in the yard planting some new additions to my garden.  These are what I've added:
Tulip_purpleandcreamI know, I know, you're not supposed to plant the tulip bulbs until the winter but a few people have told me it doesn't really matter when you plant, they just won't flower until they've wintered. Tulip_bigchief

And last but definitely not least are these new poppies.  I couldn't leave the store without them (who's idea was it to open the garden center right at the door of the grocery store?)
Anyway, the first one is called an iceland poppy (champagne bubbles):Iceland_poppy_champagne_bubbles 
It already had one of the beautiful pinkish blooms - (that's what sucked me in)!!  And the last one is called an Oriental Poppy and the color is called serenity:Oriental_poppy
Apparently these ones grow into quite a large plant so now I have to find a good home for these little beauties!!
Thanks again for visiting my garden!
I promise I'll be back by the end of the week with some stamping fun for you!! Pin It

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