Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What do 3 very wild little boys, a penguin and 3 bellas have in common?  That's what happens when DH gets home from the city. LOL.  Okay, I've decided I definitely believe in pheromones - in case you don't know - that is the theory that scent is given off by human beings that cause certain behaviors, biological and other wise in those around them.  ie. For those of you that have sisters you will know what I am talking about - when one of you got your period - you all seemed to get it, you know what I mean.  Well these 3 darling little boys of mine didn't wrestle allllll weekend or make a ruckus at all, and not because I told them not to.  They were sweet and calm.  Daddy is not in the door 5 minutes and they are acting like a bunch of orangatangs - sp?  Here they are in the laundry basket being chauffered around the dining room.

The up side to the hubster being home is that I missed him and Isaiah terribly - they were only gone 2 days - how totally sappy is that?  The other nice thing is that I got a break because he put the boys to bed.  I figured I'd take advantage of the time and do a little creating.  Here's what I came up with:  a penguin and 3 bellas:

That's all for tonight everyone, hope you enjoyed these! 
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