Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tutorial: Scalloped Edges

A new tutorial for you!  I have had many pm's on my SCS gallery wondering how you do this - so here it is:
Step 1:  Cut a strip of paper 1 1/4 " wide (it doesn't matter how long it is right now)

Step 2:  Slide your stip of paper all the way into your slit punch and line up one edge to that you can barely see it (left side if you're right handed, right side if you're left handed) and punch.

Step 3: Continue to punch slits exactly the same way as you started, the next one, when you line it up should just very slightly expose the side of the previous punch.  Do this for the entire length of the paper.

Step 4:  Separate the scalloped side you want from the scrap.  The two peices should either fall apart or pull apart very easily like a die-cut would.  Discard the scrap (or keep it to use on another card for a reversed scallop image).

Step 5:  Trim the front side of your card approximately 3/8" so that after you attach the scalloped edge it will line up with the back side.  Trim the scalloped edge to the right length and mount to the inside of the front of your card.

Step 6:  Finish your card!

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